How to keep your meals fresh and super nourishing this summer

January 23, 2016


As the sun is beaming and the temps are hitting the extreme temps, we’re right in the middle of an Aussie Summer! Along with plentiful amounts of Vitamin D, the Summer season brings an abundance of delicious fruits and vegetables, available to make up your healthy meals.



If you already head along to farmers markets, you’ll have the heads up on what foods are freshest as the season’s progress. In supermarkets however, unseasonal foods are often available all year around, due to importing and long term storage. Longer travel and storage time, creates more food miles, which consequently has a negative impact on the environment, a decrease in produce freshness and nutritional value.


To make sure you provide the highest quality produce for your loved ones, support Australian farmers and create your Summer meals from these in-season foods:


Summer Vegetables:

•   Asparagus (white and green)

•   Avocadoes (reed, hass)

•   Beetroot

•   Beans (Green , snake, yellow butter beans

•   Capsicum

•   Celery

•   Cucumbers

•   Daikon

•   Eggplant

•   Green onions

•   Carrots (heirloom)

•   Pumpkin (heirloom)

•   Lettuce

•   Mushrooms

•   Onions (brown, white, red)

•   Peas (green, snow, sugar snap)

•   Radishes

•   Rocket

•   Shiitake mushrooms

•   Spring onion

•   Sweet Corn (officially a grain)

•   Squash

•   Sweetcorn

•   Tamarillos

•   Tomatoes

•   Watercress

•   Zucchini and zucchini flowers




Summer Fruits:

•   Apples (royal gala, pink lady, granny smith, sundowner)

•   Apricots

•   Bananas

•   Berries

•   Cherries (morello)

•   Currants (red and white)

•   Figs

•   Grapes

•   Grapefruit

•   Guava

•   Kiwifruit

•   Lemon

•   Lime

•   Lychees

•   Mangoes

•   Melons

•   Nectarines

•   Starfruit

•   Oranges (Valencia)

•   Paw paw

•   Passionfruit

•   Peaches

•   Pear

•   Pineapples

•   Plums

•   Rhubarb

•   Nectarines



Summer Herbs:

•   Bay leaf

•   Basil

•   Chillies

•   Chives

•   Dill

•   Fennell

•   Garlic

•   Lemongrass

•   Marjoram

•   Mint

•   Oregano

•   Parsley (flat leaf)

•   Rosemary

•   Sage


Go with the seasonal flow


You are what you eat…and digest. Buying local, seasonal foods will provide your loved ones with fresher, more nutrient dense and environmentally friendly produce.  Better still, you could attempt to grow some summer seedlings at home.


Go with the seasonal flow and enjoy the benefits fresh and local summer foods bring.





About Kasey


Kasey Willson is a qualified Adelaide based Naturopath & Nutritionist. Through television and radio segments, speaking arrangements, blog posts, contributing articles and her online project, the Vibrant Woman Challenge, Kasey's passion is to support and educate women to experience healthy digestion, balanced hormones and vibrant energy levels.







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