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Your health is your wealth. What you consume (nutrition), as well as lifestyle factors (such as exercise, mindsest, rest) all play a part in your overall health and wellbeing. The best part is that you can generally control what you to comsume, whether or not you exercise, how you think about certain situations and how much rest you get, so your health is literally in your hands! Education is key though, so here are some of our favourite health, wellness and lifestyle resources that have helped us on our health and wellness journey. 


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The best part about podcasts is that you can listen to them anywhere, anytime. Ditch the mindless, uninspiring morning and afternoon talk back radio and learn something new on your way to and from work. Don't like cleaning the house? Put a podcast on! It'll make the time fly by so much quicker and will be much more enjoyble, plus you've just squeezed extra time into your day, by learning while you clean. Uninspired to get outdoors and exercise? These podcasts will often end with you feeling uplifted, inspired and empowered, so put on your sneakers, hit the streets, pick a podcast and go for a walk ... you'll get hooked (on both exercise and listening to podcasts), we promise! Not only will you feel great afterwards, but the fresh air and vitamin D will do wonders for your health.


Make it a goal to listen to one episode per day (but don't be suprised if you can't stop at just one!). Don't worry about the order in which you listen to them, just a pick a topic that interests you or you want to learn more about and go! All you'll need is a smart phone and a podcast application, otherwise most episodes can be streamed directly from each respective website.


Click on the icons below, to be taken directly to their websites. Happy listening! x




The Kale Brock Show

The Wellness Guys

The Fat-Burning Man

Up for a Chat

Inside the Chamipion's Mind

Life by Design

Underground Wellness

That Paleo Show

More resources to come!


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