Smoothie Bowls with a GLOBAL impact

THANK YOU for helping to change the world.


How you ask? Every time you have purchased and enjoyed a delicious (and healthy) Earth Bowl at Nutrition Republic, you have made a small contribution to changing the world. You see, our Earth Bowls aren't just plain old smoothie bowls, they are smoothie bowls with a GLOBAL IMPACT. How the global impact? $1 from the sale of each Earth Bowl is put aside by us and donated to charity to help provide clean drinking water to those in need. estimates that over 750 million people in the world do not have access to clean water. This is unfathomable to us, and I'm sure most of you, as we've been fortunate to be born and raised in a country where accessing water is as simple as turning on a tap ... in our own home. The spread of waterborne diseases is not only a burden to already struggling communities, but the long trek to and from water often results in loss of income and loss of schooling - a cycle that is hard to break.


Easy and safe access to clean water not only ensures significantly less illness and death within communities, but also allows women to use their time creating income for their families (rather than spending numerous hours per day collceting water), and children, in particular girls, to stay in school longer, gaining the education they need for a successful future.


To date (as of the end of March 2017) we, as a collective (that includes YOU if you have ever purchased one of our Earth Bowls), have raised and donated $57,585 to towards a water sanitisation, hygiene and health project in Zimbabwe. An additional $6512 was recently donated to Care's East African Hunger Appeal, totalling $64,097 to through our Earth Bowl sales. This amount may not seem like a lot in the scheme of things, but every single dollar counts and can go a long way in developing countries like Zimbabwe. To read more about the impact of this life changing campaign, please read Care's latest interim report here.

Recently visited Zimbabwe and met this amazing little girl called Precious. Precious sent her love to Australia from Zimbabwe in the video below.















So, THANK YOU, on behalf of the Nutrition Republic team for supporting a cause bigger than yourself.


Together we can keep Changing the World one Sip at a Time!


Nutritiously Yours,

Nutrition Republic x