- A little bit about Nutrition Republic


Nutrition Republic is a South Australian owned and operated family business that is changing the world one sip at a time. After a short stint as a sports supplement, health and nutrition store, Nutrition Republic organic espresso + elixir bar was born in late 2013. We transitioned into a café because of our love and desire to only consume real, whole, unprocessed food, and an awakening to the unnecessary and not so healthy ingredients used in many commonly bought foods (i.e. refined sugar, flour, soy, hydrogenised vegetable oils etc.). We also noticed a gap in the market, where we ourselves were finding it difficult to purchase real, unprocessed, nutritious food when we were on the go, in particular when taking into consideration our dietary requirements.



 - Our menu


As the name implies, a huge aspect of our café is our organic espresso + elixir bar. We love our coffee and are even more passionate about making sure that our customers love their coffee too. Our roaster D’Angelo, one of the pioneers of coffee roasting in Adelaide, has developed an organic, fair trade blend for us, which we love. Combine this, with one of our talented baristas on a hand built Slayer Espresso coffee machine and you can pretty much guarantee a delicious, strong cup of coffee (our standard shot is a double ristretto), served either black or with a locally sourced organic dairy milk, or one of our organic non-dairy alternatives (almond, coconut or rice). You must try our coconut milk latte. Our elixirs are definitely popular, with options that are super refreshing and hydrating, and others that are a lot more decadent and filling, but still all nourishing and made with predominately organic / chemical free ingredients. You can't go past a coco detox or date night elixir.


Clean eating isn’t eating a cupcake while mopping the floor (love that saying); it’s a way of eating where you only consume real, wholesome, nourishing food, which is minimally processed, does not contain artificial flavours, additives or colours, and does not contain refined sugars, processed vegetable oils, table salt etc. Although clean eating may appear to be a trend now, with lots of people becoming ‘clean eaters’, we really think it’s here to stay due to more and more people becoming educated on the negative effects of eating processed, non-nutritious foods.


Our menu is simple and nourishing, with all items being gluten, dairy and refined sugar free. For breakfast you can enjoy chocolate or blueberry chia puddings, Bircher muesli and Paleo granola, whilst for lunch we have a range of fresh plant based salads and delicious organic quinoa and egg vegetable slices. You can even add a pasture fed biodynamic egg to your meal for an extra hit of protein. People are loving The Market Stack; an organic quinoa and egg vegetable slice, served on a bed of salad of your choice, topped with a biodynamic fried egg, crushed grain free cracker and our house made lemon and dill cashew ‘cheese’.


It’s pretty hard to ignore the desserts fridge, all of which are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free, with nearly all options being raw, vegan and Paleo. Raw vanilla bean and berry or peanut butter and caramel cake anyone?



 - Retail store


To top it all off, we also have a small retail store in the back half of our café, where you can purchase numerous gluten free, predominately organic items, such as healthy snacks, raw chocolate, coconut and other nutritious oils, raw ingredients, natural proteins and tonic boosters, dairy-free milks, cereal, teas etc. Each of these products have been hand selected by us to ensure premium quality for you to live your best life. Life's too short to be ordinary, so be the best version of you, starting with your health!



We love nutrition and love providing it to you! Hope to see you soon.



Nutritiously and Lovingly yours,

Nutrition Republic x